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Status on the Agent of Gaia saga


Been a while (understatement, for sure), but I have been busy. Status:

  1. Frozen Splinter of Time, Parts 1, 2, and 3 are published on Amazon. They are available as an ebook or a paper back (large paperback : )
  2. My fourth and fifth books of the series were completed, but not published.
  3. And then . . . I decided to make some changes. Changes needed were
    • More realistic.
    • More gritty
    • More fleshed out
    • More characters
    • And not originally intended, but needed to include more sex (it is an integral part of the plot).
  4. Results
    • Books 1, 2, and 3 have been rewritten (they are much longer).
    • Book 4 is at the 95% mark of being rewritten (will have grown)
    • Work will begin on rewriting book 5 prior to the end of this winter. Probably in March of 2023.
  5. Plans
    • Finish rewriting book 5.
    • Get new covers for all books.
    • Redo the book descriptions and Saga descriptions
    • Begin publishing all 5 books. Not sure if will do all at once or one every few months.
    • Begin book 6 (still planning on a total of 10 books in the saga)



Frozen Splinter of Time – Part 2 submitted to CreateSpace

I’ve submitted my second book (Frozen Splinter of Time – Part 2) to Amazon CreateSpace.  It’s being reviewed now.  Once that is done, I’ll order printed proofs to send to beta readers.

Probably take 2 months to get them back from the beta readers, and enter all the corrections.  “Possibly” may get the second book published in early April.   Summer time for book 3 is still looking good.


Proof printing the second book

Well, that went much faster than I thought it would.  Probably due to all the holidays when I had the ability to days of uninterrupted work effort.

But, the draft of the second book, Frozen Splinter of Time – Part 2, is ready to be formatted into a pdf and sent to Amazon CreateSpace to be printed.  The printed copies will then be sent to my beta readers which are composed of my immediate family members : )

I “think” I’m on track to get the second book published this Spring.  And, hopefully, publish book 3 by this summer.  Which means that FINALLY I’ll be able to start writing a brand new book in the series ( I do have a rough outline done) by this coming Fall.

– Geoff Weatherford

Almost time to publish

As it turned out, proofing Frozen Splinter of Time – Part 1 took much longer than anticipated.  However, I will be publishing it to Amazon (ebook) prior to this Thanksgiving.  Yay  : )

I’m also going to make a few minor changes to the web site.  Background color, description of first book, etc.


Requested my new book cover

I finally requested my cover designer to begin work on the first book cover.  She actually created it a long time ago, but then I split the book into 3 books.  So the cover has to be tweaked, a bit.

Plus, I needed a printed cover done.  Took me a while to figure out my font size, gutter, margin, etc.  All that was needed in order for the cover to be created the correct size (to fit the spine of the book).  I ended up with it being 660 pages long.

The good news is I’m getting pretty fast at compiling my books in Scrivener and then doing the final formatting in MS Word before saving it as a pdf.  Quite the learning experience.


Whoa. Actual printed books.

My printed proofs finally arrived.  They are, in one word, big.  And heavy.  Okay, 2-3 words.

But, great to see.  I immediately saw formatting issues that needed to be fixed.  Such as the font size.  I need to reduce it from 12 point to 10 point.  It currently looks like one of those “big print” books for people with bad eyesight.  Which isn’t a bad thing, but for most people you have to cover a lot of space just to read a few words.

The other issue is that if I reduce the font size, this will reduce the number of pages, which will reduce the cost to print the book.  And that cost savings can be passed on to the customer.

I’m going to ship the books out to my proof readers this weekend.

Can’t wait to get all this “publishing” stuff done so I can continue writing my books : )