Whoa. Actual printed books.

My printed proofs finally arrived.  They are, in one word, big.  And heavy.  Okay, 2-3 words.

But, great to see.  I immediately saw formatting issues that needed to be fixed.  Such as the font size.  I need to reduce it from 12 point to 10 point.  It currently looks like one of those “big print” books for people with bad eyesight.  Which isn’t a bad thing, but for most people you have to cover a lot of space just to read a few words.

The other issue is that if I reduce the font size, this will reduce the number of pages, which will reduce the cost to print the book.  And that cost savings can be passed on to the customer.

I’m going to ship the books out to my proof readers this weekend.

Can’t wait to get all this “publishing” stuff done so I can continue writing my books : )