Monthly Archives: February 2023

Status on the Agent of Gaia saga


Been a while (understatement, for sure), but I have been busy. Status:

  1. Frozen Splinter of Time, Parts 1, 2, and 3 are published on Amazon. They are available as an ebook or a paper back (large paperback : )
  2. My fourth and fifth books of the series were completed, but not published.
  3. And then . . . I decided to make some changes. Changes needed were
    • More realistic.
    • More gritty
    • More fleshed out
    • More characters
    • And not originally intended, but needed to include more sex (it is an integral part of the plot).
  4. Results
    • Books 1, 2, and 3 have been rewritten (they are much longer).
    • Book 4 is at the 95% mark of being rewritten (will have grown)
    • Work will begin on rewriting book 5 prior to the end of this winter. Probably in March of 2023.
  5. Plans
    • Finish rewriting book 5.
    • Get new covers for all books.
    • Redo the book descriptions and Saga descriptions
    • Begin publishing all 5 books. Not sure if will do all at once or one every few months.
    • Begin book 6 (still planning on a total of 10 books in the saga)