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YES! New cover for book 1, Frozen Splinter of Time

Finally, i posted the cover (done for me by Jeanine Henning) on the “Books” page found here.  Now all I have to do is finish polishing, maybe get someone to proof read it for me, get my mailchimp account setup, figure out how to publish to Amazon, determine if I should wait until I’m close to publishing the second book before publishing the first, and ……..

Heh, the list is long : )



New header!

As can be seen, the site is now sporting a great new header.  This was designed for me by Jeanine Henning (visit her site here).  She also did a cover for my “soon to be published” first book.  I’ll try and get that new cover up on that book’s page tomorrow sometime.  Working with Jeanine was a great experience and I can only hope she remains available to work on my future book covers (and site imagery).


Polishing is a …… well, not fun.

Here is a secret.  I finished this book (plot line, characters, locations, scenes, all that stuff) over a year ago.


So, Geoff, what the heck you been doing?

Glad you asked.  I’ve been “polishing” the book.  Change a word there.  Rephrase a sentence here.  Etc.  For a year.  Or more.

Sigh, okay.  It was a good learning experience.  My next book, which I may start writing as soon as next month, will be done differently.  So, do much/most of the polishing up front as I write the book.

Uh huh.  Right.

Okay, probably won’t be that easy, but I’ll figure something out : )  Pretty sure I can move it along a lot faster than I did the first book.

Why did I take so long on the first book (besides the polishing)?  Yeah, I’ll have to post about that also.

Geoff Weatherford

Working (hard) with a cover designer

I never knew that getting a cover would be so much work : )   But it’s been a very good experience.  Once I have the cover (paid my bills, etc. : ) I’ll pass on the name of the designer (not sure what the etiquette is concerning working with a designer, so I’ll play it conservative).  But so far it’s been great.  I’ve been asked very good questions (that I should have already been thinking about) by the designer.  Makes me feel like they are interested in my work and really want to do a good job.  Heh, spent a number of hours answering them.  Anyway, been fun so far.