…. Me

(the author : )

Just like Dan, I also live in northern Colorado. But instead of fighting monsters, I have a great day job. Which is a good thing, as I think my monster fighting ability is, at best, below average.

That said, even though I do not fight monsters (and even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you), like Dan I do enjoy the mountain country of Colorado and try to spend as much time as possible hiking on its trails (and sometimes even off trails). In fact, I like it so much, I created a web site (http://orrn.wordpress.com/ ) dedicated to hiking trails in northern Colorado (and beyond). Lately, because of my book writing, it doesn’t get as much attention as I’d like, but it’s got quite a bit of good information on the back country. Some of which will be used in my books.

Unfortunately, I do not, currently, have a cat.  Which is a bummer. But my current lifestyle is not conducive to having a feline master at this point in time.

My immediate family is composed of three awesome children (all adults), several brothers and sisters, and my mother. Some of whom also live in northern Colorado. Love of family, particularly children, will be a recurring theme that a reader of my books might notice. In fact, human family makeup will play a key part of the series.

Finally, thanks to early training from my dad, my own grandad, and an uncle, I have had a long experience with handling and using guns. Including a moderate amount of experience in hunting. I like to think that this helps me in those areas of my books that have characters needing to use weapons. While I don’t hunt anymore …. even though I believe that such an activity (along with fishing) can be beneficial for both the society and the animal population …. I do try to maintain some shooting activity to remain familiar with how to use a gun. To the best of my ability I’ve attempted to ensure that my children (including my daughter) all were trained in the correct, and safe, use of a gun.