Monthly Archives: January 2015

Contacted someone about creating my book cover

I spent quite a bit of time looking for a book cover designer/artist.  What made it difficult is that there are quite a few out there and many of them seem quite good.  So, what I did was just review their “galleries” and see which one seemed to draw me most (which is highly subjective).

I ended up with one and sent her an email tonight.  Hopefully it works out as this will be my final big step prior to publishing the first book in the series.

Fingers crossed.



Finally back into working on the novel.

Took a few days, but I’ve back in the groove of being immersed in my writing (actually, final drafting : )  Was good to leave it for a few weeks as it really helps me see (at least, that’s my theory) my story in a fresh light.

Next big step (along with finishing this draft), contact a cover artist.  I have 3 selected as “possibles”, but I need to make a decision on which one.


Getting back to finishing up my novel.

I took close to a month off of “writing” (that activity where if you do it enough, a book just …. happens) in order to reformat some of my writing styles, learn how to output a kindle type file (since my book will show up as an eBook on Amazon first), and “go live” with the web site.

It was time well spent, but tonight I’m actually getting back to finishing the book.  I have the last part (part 5) of the book to do my final (ha!, yeah right : ) proof reading and cleanup (so, make sure the writing flows and makes sense, etc.).  This will probably take around a month.  With most work getting done on the weekends.

Wish me luck : )


Yes! The site is alive.

About time : )   Hopefully everything works.

I’ll be adding and making changes over the next few months.  Particularly the header art.  But, I think the site has reached the “good enough” level of usefulness to open it up to the public.  The next few months, up until the publication of my first novel, should be very interesting.


Site will be going live next week.

I’ve gotten my temporary header for the site in a “usable” state.  And reviewed and made changes/additions to the web pages.  I “think” it is all “good enough.”  So hopefully, this site will become available to the public, January 5, 2015 (possibly a few days one way or the other).