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Frozen Splinter of Time – Part I

(Part 1 of the first book in the saga is now on Amazon)

Thus begins the saga of humanity’s last chance to survive as a species.

Dan Smith is a veteran of the United States’ second revolutionary war, commonly referred to as RW2, which took place in the middle of the twenty-first century. His favorite way to bring in some additional cash is from guiding tourists into the increasingly unsafe, yet still beautiful, mountains of Colorado. Dan’s combat experience, along with an above average talent to sense danger, helps him survive the dangers that infest the Rockies.

FrozenSplinterOfTime_SMALLNightmarish beasts, resembling eight foot tall results of a genetic cross between a Neanderthal and a bear, now prowl the mountains of the western United States. Dan has experienced those monstrosities, but is about to discover that there are creatures in the mountains which make the other hairy freaks of nature seem tame by comparison.

But there are events occurring outside of the mountains which will begin to shape the future of both Dan and the rest of humanity. In Washington, DC the president is advised of a new terrorist threat. Meanwhile, a research scientist is checking instruments located on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. And in Peru, a woman begins to walk north.

Dan Smith is about to become an unwilling participant in these global changes. And there is no opt-out clause for either Dan or humanity.

Notes from the author:

This book’s place in the Agent of Gaia Saga –
The Frozen Splinter of Time is the first book in the Agent of Gaia saga. The first book is approximately two thousand pages in length, and is split into three parts. This book is part one of the Frozen Splinter of Time.
There are a total of eight books currently planned. It is highly recommended that all the books be read in sequence.

Content advisory for the Agent of Gaia Saga –
The series contains sections that some people might consider too graphically explicit in nature, or may contain ideas that might possibly be disquieting to some people, or contain evolving circumstances that may possibly be offensive to some people. Strangely enough, even though this is a fictional story, almost like the real world. Thus, there is peace, violence, sex, humor, mystery, hate, love, high tech, no tech, finesse, brute force, Earth, and the Universe.

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Geoff G. Weatherford