Polishing is a …… well, not fun.

Here is a secret.  I finished this book (plot line, characters, locations, scenes, all that stuff) over a year ago.


So, Geoff, what the heck you been doing?

Glad you asked.  I’ve been “polishing” the book.  Change a word there.  Rephrase a sentence here.  Etc.  For a year.  Or more.

Sigh, okay.  It was a good learning experience.  My next book, which I may start writing as soon as next month, will be done differently.  So, do much/most of the polishing up front as I write the book.

Uh huh.  Right.

Okay, probably won’t be that easy, but I’ll figure something out : )  Pretty sure I can move it along a lot faster than I did the first book.

Why did I take so long on the first book (besides the polishing)?  Yeah, I’ll have to post about that also.

Geoff Weatherford