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Yes! The site is alive.

About time : )   Hopefully everything works.

I’ll be adding and making changes over the next few months.  Particularly the header art.  But, I think the site has reached the “good enough” level of usefulness to open it up to the public.  The next few months, up until the publication of my first novel, should be very interesting.


Site will be going live next week.

I’ve gotten my temporary header for the site in a “usable” state.  And reviewed and made changes/additions to the web pages.  I “think” it is all “good enough.”  So hopefully, this site will become available to the public, January 5, 2015 (possibly a few days one way or the other).

Quick status update

The Agent of Gaia web site is close to “good enough” for publishing.  The header is “under construction” along with the cover of my first book.  But I thought it was more important to get a web site up rather than wait for perfection (which I’ll never reach anyway : )

My “plan” will be to open up the web site to the world sometime during the holidays.  So, hopefully by January 1, 2015 (or, very shortly thereafter).