Book number one has changed due to ……

Having to split my book into 3 parts.  So the first book will be named something like “Frozen Splinter of Time – Part 1”

I’ve got the printed proof of this first book on its way into my hot little hands.  After it gets reviewed for errors (along with the help of others), I’ll submit the final drafts to KDP and CreateSpace for publishing.  Then I’ll do the same with the book …….- Part 2 some months after that (6?; haven’t decided).  And then part 3 after another period of time.  By then book 4 will be near finished (hopefully).

Need to spend part of this weekend changing the content of this site to reflect the changes in my books.  Most of it is good, just a few minor changes.



My book was too long.

I’m not sure why, but it took me a couple of weeks just to figure out how to format a printed version.  Well, yeah, I do know one reason.  My book was too long.  That is, the max pages in a printed book, for CreateSpace, is 828 pages.  Mine was 2,000 plus.  Minor issue.

So, I have divided my book into 3 books.  Part 1 will come out first (with the current cover).  Even after chopping into 3, the books are pretty hefty in size.  Large enough that I had to go to 7 inch x 10 inch page format (versus a normal 5×8 or even 6×9).


Got my cover designer to agree to do the printed cover and CreateSpace.

That was a hurdle to me as I really like her work.  Very happy that little detail is taken care of.

So, this weekend I’ll dive into CreateSpace.  Make my account, read up on how to use the service, all that good stuff.  This is a part of Amazon.   The print on demand part.  So,  I’ll be able to list my book and people will have two options; Kindle or Printed.  The printed version is only printed when ordered (thus, print on demand).

I’ll also be able to get printed copies to hand out to family, friends, library (not sure how that works), etc.

This will cause publication of the Kindle version to be delayed as I want to publish both versions at the same time.


Going for a print version also.

I’ve decided to go with a print version of the book at the same time as going with a eBook/Kindle version.  Which means contacting my cover designer and begging her to please create me a cover for a print version.  I had earlier told her I didn’t need one.

Heh, wrong.  Again : )


YES! New cover for book 1, Frozen Splinter of Time

Finally, i posted the cover (done for me by Jeanine Henning) on the “Books” page found here.  Now all I have to do is finish polishing, maybe get someone to proof read it for me, get my mailchimp account setup, figure out how to publish to Amazon, determine if I should wait until I’m close to publishing the second book before publishing the first, and ……..

Heh, the list is long : )


New header!

As can be seen, the site is now sporting a great new header.  This was designed for me by Jeanine Henning (visit her site here).  She also did a cover for my “soon to be published” first book.  I’ll try and get that new cover up on that book’s page tomorrow sometime.  Working with Jeanine was a great experience and I can only hope she remains available to work on my future book covers (and site imagery).


Polishing is a …… well, not fun.

Here is a secret.  I finished this book (plot line, characters, locations, scenes, all that stuff) over a year ago.


So, Geoff, what the heck you been doing?

Glad you asked.  I’ve been “polishing” the book.  Change a word there.  Rephrase a sentence here.  Etc.  For a year.  Or more.

Sigh, okay.  It was a good learning experience.  My next book, which I may start writing as soon as next month, will be done differently.  So, do much/most of the polishing up front as I write the book.

Uh huh.  Right.

Okay, probably won’t be that easy, but I’ll figure something out : )  Pretty sure I can move it along a lot faster than I did the first book.

Why did I take so long on the first book (besides the polishing)?  Yeah, I’ll have to post about that also.

Geoff Weatherford

Working (hard) with a cover designer

I never knew that getting a cover would be so much work : )   But it’s been a very good experience.  Once I have the cover (paid my bills, etc. : ) I’ll pass on the name of the designer (not sure what the etiquette is concerning working with a designer, so I’ll play it conservative).  But so far it’s been great.  I’ve been asked very good questions (that I should have already been thinking about) by the designer.  Makes me feel like they are interested in my work and really want to do a good job.  Heh, spent a number of hours answering them.  Anyway, been fun so far.


Contacted someone about creating my book cover

I spent quite a bit of time looking for a book cover designer/artist.  What made it difficult is that there are quite a few out there and many of them seem quite good.  So, what I did was just review their “galleries” and see which one seemed to draw me most (which is highly subjective).

I ended up with one and sent her an email tonight.  Hopefully it works out as this will be my final big step prior to publishing the first book in the series.

Fingers crossed.


Finally back into working on the novel.

Took a few days, but I’ve back in the groove of being immersed in my writing (actually, final drafting : )  Was good to leave it for a few weeks as it really helps me see (at least, that’s my theory) my story in a fresh light.

Next big step (along with finishing this draft), contact a cover artist.  I have 3 selected as “possibles”, but I need to make a decision on which one.